Our Farm

Pastured Poultry

If given the opportunity, chickens will eat over 35%, while turkeys will eat over 50% of their diet in bugs, herbs and grasses. We allow our birds to scratch, dig and peck their days away. In addition to the forage they find, we provide our birds with certified organic grain, grown and milled fresh by a local farmer. 

The birds spend the first one to two weeks of their lives in a cozy and clean nursery, then out to pasture they go where they feast on the bugs, herbs and grasses they love in the bright sunshine. The birds find protection from predators and shelter from the elements in their movable pens. 

Because our birds have constant access to fresh pasture and get plenty of exercise and sunshine, their meat is exceptionally delicious and nutritious! Nutritional analysis of our pastured chickens show that they have 50% more vitamin A and 100% more omega-3s than commercially raised, exclusively grain-fed chickens. Pastured chickens also have 21% less total fat and 30% less saturated fat than commercially raised, exclusively grain-fed chickens.  

Pasture & Forest-Raised Pork

Healthy and happy pigs make for nourishing and delectable pork. Pigs allowed to root and forage will happily eat 50% of their diet doing just that. Allowing pigs to fully express their instincts to root and forage changes the fatty acid profile of their meat to one that is higher in monounsaturated fats, and lower in saturated fats.

We raise Large Black and Tamworth Heritage breed crosses, as they thrive in the forest and field and are known for their excellent flavor. The pigs delight on the roots, grubs, shoots, fungus, nuts and acorns that they find in the spring, summer and fall months.

In addition we give them organically grown vegetable seconds from local farms, 100% grassfed raw dairy products including milk, buttermilk, and whey; and locally grown, certified organic grain.

We work with a local butcher to make our Specialty Sausages and no-nitrate Bacons and Hams, using only Celtic Sea Salt, local Maple Syrup, Organic Rapadura Sugar and Organic herbs and spices. 

100% Grassfed Beef

We raise Rotokawa Devon/Jersey crosses on 100% grass. The result- amazingly marbled, tender, and nutrient-dense beef- yummy! 

We rotate our cattle to new pastures several times a day to ensure that they have the best grass possible and that the pasture has a rest.

Meat from grass-fed beef has 100% more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and 50% more vitamin A than meat from grain-fed beef, thus promoting a healthy heart and immune system and reducing cancer risks. Grass-fed meats also contain high levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), another important cancer fighter, and vitamin E, a crucial antioxidant.

Grass-fed meats are juicy and tender with a complex flavor that wins out in blind taste tests held by New York Times Food Editors and in home kitchens too. Dig in and enjoy!

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