Meat Shares- Community Supported Agriculture

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is pre-order method that farmers use to sell farm products directly to consumers. CSA is mutually beneficial to both farmers and consumers in that they each reap the rewards in plentiful times and share the harvest in times of hardship, such as poor weather. CSA knits communities together by investing consumers in the farms within their region and thereby supporting small, diversified family farming.

Why Join Our CSA?

Exceptional Quality: All Ledamete Grass Farm animals have constant access to pasture, which creates tender and flavorful meat that is nutrient-dense and high in omega-3 fatty acids. Our pastures are organically managed which means the forage is healthy and free from synthetic herbicides, pesiticides and GMOS. 

Exceptional Taste: Many of our members tell us that since they have tasted our meat, everything else pales in comparison and that they absolutely can not go back to grocery store meats. We agree wholeheartedly and strongly believe that our farming practices create our amazingly delectable meats and that is why day in and day out we get up and give it our all. 

Buy Local: Many of our members are motivated to spend their money in the local economy and to purchase foods that are grown nearby instead of being shipped from many miles away. We too, are motivated to buy local, and purchase our chicks, feed and supplies from the local community. By supporting local, sustainable farms, you are helping to preserve farming, open space, and the pastoral beauty thereof. You are investing in the local economy, environment, community, and in the health of your family.

Convenience: Stock up your freezer for the month with a meat share and don't worry about heading to the store or market! Or stock up with a whole/half animals purchase and be set for a season! Members of our cooperating vegetable CSA’s have the convenience of a one-stop shop. Chicken/Pork Shares and a la carte add-ons are delivered right to the vegetables CSA’s for pick-up during regular vegetable share days.

Know your Farmer: Many of our members are looking to connect with their food and the people who raise it. The Ledamete Grass Farm farmers, Rob and April, live and work on the farm every day. They are happy to answer questions and to share the latest news from the farm.

Economic Advantage: Members receive a significant discount for your on-going commitment to our farm. CSA shares are offered at a 5-10% discount (depending on share size) off regular pricing.  

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