Growing Good Food, for People and Place

Ledamete Grass Farm (pronounced let 'em eat) is a small family farm in Lehigh County that is committed to producing amazingly delicious and nutritious meats using sustainable farming practices. We farm 28 acres in Lehigh County in a way that heals the land, respects the animals of the lives we raise, and provides nourishing food for people.

Calling from the roof tops- Nature provides the best nutrition so let 'em eat grass!

We believe that an animal will provide the utmost nutrition and flavor when it is allowed to live and eat in its natural environment. Our responsibility as caretakers is to create the best environment possible, ensuring the animals a high quality of life, for this affords the greatest nourishment in the food we produce for you, our customer.

Nurturing Human and Soil Health

We at Ledamete Grass Farm believe that our health is directly connected to what we eat. We raise healthful, nutrient-dense food, which in turn provides for an abundant, high-quality life. Whether our food is plant or animal, the quality of nutrition it grants depends on the soil from which it grows. This is why we, as farmers, begin in the soil. 

Stewarding the Environment

Through organic management of our land, we care for the gifts of soil, air and water, farming in a way that sustains these important resources. Our animals eat the lush pasture and fertilize it naturally as they roam in their paddocks. We rotationally graze our pastures, giving the land a rest, to repair and fully digest all that the animals have given. The grasses grow tall, drawing minerals and nutrients from the manure, soil and sun, replenishing themselves and ultimately going to seed. Once the pastures have re-grown and are lush and green, they are ready to be grazed again.

When eating meat from our farm you can feel good knowing that the animals lived a healthy and happy life, the local ecosystem is enriched and protected, and your food dollars are spent with local farmers who are invested in the community where you live.

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